World of Warcraft updates auction house and adds new chat feature

Blizzard announced this week plans to change the Auction House to World of Warcraft as well as plans to add a new chat feature to help filter out some of the noise players sometimes experience in-game. ‘they are listed in the player-to-player market, while the chat function allows players to hopefully apologize to people advertising different services. Both of these changes will first go into testing on the PTR before going live for all players.

Over there in the wow forums, Blizzard has detailed plans for the upcoming auction house update as well as the new chat feature. You can find these details below:

Auction House Update: Region Wide Products

  • Auction houses across all kingdoms in a given region will now share commodity listings (Gems, Herbs, Flasks, Consumables, etc.). Items that aren’t goods – like armor and weapons – will continue to be realm-specific.
  • Developers’ note: The auction house you know and use today should look exactly the same; there will just be many more buyers and sellers available to you for commodities. We’d love for players to hop on the PTR, copy their characters, and help us test the Auction House across the entire PTR region. We could schedule a specific time in a few weeks for everyone to ride at the same time to help stress him out, details to be determined.

User interface and accessibility

  • A new chat channel for researching or advertising services such as raids, dungeons or PvP activities has been added: Trade (Services).
  • Developer’s note: The commercial channel that has been in the game for 18 years will continue to exist, but we wanted to add a new channel to direct messages about requesting and advertising services like raids, dungeons or PvP activities. If you are looking to buy or sell these kinds of services, this is the channel for you! If these don’t interest you, you can leave the channel and avoid the noise, or move it to its own chat tab. We believe that with this new distinction, you will be able to keep the trade chat for the traditional buying and selling of items and professions, and not other conversations.

Blizzard hasn’t given any idea when these features will be released in the full game, but they’ve arrived on the PTR in update 9.27 for testing.