Warehouse District Food Hall Auction House Market closes after 4 years

Auction House Market, the remarkable food hall that opened on the corner of Magazine and Julia Streets in the Warehouse District four years ago, has closed, management has announced by Instagram Wednesday, March 23. While a few vendors will continue to serve lunch until the end of the month, March 31 marks the end of the ambitious 9,000 square foot food hall.

The food hall was the second to debut in New Orleans (a few years after St. Roch Market opened and just before Pythian Market opened), and originally housed nine independent food vendors when it opened in 2018. It ends its run with the cafe, bar, and only four active food vendors: Market Deli, Bayou Boujee Seafood, Asianlicious Sushi and Noodle House, and Turkey Leg Bistro. These four will continue to serve lunch until the end of the month; the Market Deli, cafe and bar have already closed. Interestingly, only one of the venue’s current food vendors, Bayou Boujee Seafood, has an independent online presence. Eater has reached out to Bayou Boujee and the others via Instagram and will update if we receive a response.

Auction House was designed and opened by Will Donaldson and Barre Tanguis of Politics (formerly known as Politan Row), the group that also opened food hall Marigny St. Roch Market and food halls in Atlanta, Miami and Houston. Politan continued to operate the food hall through 2020, until the building’s owner, Felicity Property Co., terminated the business as market operator due to COVID-related cutbacks, according to Donaldson, and take over. Eater has contacted Felicity for more information on the shutdown and will update this story if we hear back; the company’s president, Patrick Schindler, says Gambit that Felicity “saw a change in the multi-vendor food hall model” and that the company plans to introduce a new concept and operator to the space.

The food hall trend in US cities started in the early 2010s and quickly morphed into phenomenon — in 2016 alone, the number of food halls in the United States increased by 37% — a number that has continued to skyrocket. In New Orleans, the food halls have not necessarily been greeted with the same fervor; The Saint-Roch market opened in 2015 with 13 robust vendors, but has since seemed to struggle to keep the stalls filled. However, two new vendors have recently joined St. Roch – Hype Eatz, a southern cuisine from New Orleans native Brandon Robinson, and Tropical Cabana, a Spanish Caribbean sandwich shop. There are currently seven food vendors open in St. Roch; Pythian Market started with 14 vendors when it opened in 2018 and is currently home to nine food stalls.

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