The Memorabilia network recalibrates online auctions

The voice of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers for 67 seasons, from 1950 to 2016, Scully brought as much color and texture to the game as any player. Look no further than Dodger Stadium’s address, 1000 Vin Scully Avenue, to understand the impact this man left on Southern California’s flagship baseball franchise.

Up for auction is one of Scully’s stylish sport coats, worn on numerous Dodger TV shows featuring Scully at the helm. The tailored blue blazer features vertical and horizontal black stripes that intersect in a herringbone pattern. A label sewn inside the jacket reads: “Designed exclusively for Vince Scully by Stasinis”.

Stasinis was the Beverly Hills custom tailor shop where Scully and her fellow celebrities had suits and jackets made. Scully usually removed the tags bearing his name from the jackets he had donated to charity. Thus the presence of this label makes this blazer all the more rare. Underscoring the seriousness of this article is a handwritten and signed note from Scully, on his personal Dodgers note card, which reads, “Old Reliable!” The blazer comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from The Memorabilia Network for the Scully signature.

Michael Jackson’s glove. The prints of Muhammad Ali Warhol. Vin Scully’s blazer. They all speak to the authenticity, passion and performance of The Memorabilia Network, which, like these objects, has its own unique story.

Prior to his success with The Memorabilia Network, Werner learned the hard way how collectors can encounter obstacles while seeking to authenticate their memorabilia. Despite his decades-long personal and professional relationship with Ali, he was rejected when he took a handful of items from his personal collection to a professional authentication service.

The authenticator did not recognize and could not independently verify Ali’s signature. Werner needed a better way for collectors to get authentication, so he assembled a team of experts and top Hollywood and sports insiders. Werner also recognized the singular contributions of collectors with the addition of The Memorabilia Network’s “Living Provenance Video Production”, which gives collectors the opportunity to share their incredible stories, about their incredible collections, on camera. The team and the video studio are essential elements of The Memorabilia Network.

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