Rostrum auction house opens in Holt

13:57 July 18, 2021

The man behind a new auction house hopes to offer something different for North Norfolk.

Olly Webb, 41, has just opened a consignment office for The Rostrum Auctioneers and Valuers next to Webbs Jewelers in Holt’s High Street.

Mr Webb said he was excited about the new venture, which would hold monthly auctions at a saleroom at Groveland Farm, off Thorpe Market Road in Roughton.

He said: “I’ve always been interested in auctions, but it was never something I thought of doing until Mark Nelson-Griffiths, who is now our money expert and auctioneer. , mention it to me.

“Before the lockdown, we had silver jewelery in this shop, and we had thought about what we could do with this premises. Then I had this light bulb moment.”

Mr. Webb is a director of Webbs Jewelers, which has been in his family for 33 years.

He said now seemed like the perfect time to open an auction house – and people could bid on items for sale online as well as in person.

Mr Webb said: “The premium auction world is booming and I think there is an opportunity on the North Norfolk coast.

“People have been sitting at home and have more time to scroll through the actions that are going on.

“During much of the lockdown, people were still earning money, wanting to spend, but no shops were open.

“It’s been an opportunity for people to get good deals through shopping platforms, which they can do at auctions.”

Mr Webb said the first auction will include items such as jewellery, silver, furniture and art, but they also plan to sell everything from ceramics and wine to collectibles and toys.

“The whole shebang,” he says. “We have experts in all these areas that we can rely on.

“Our goal right now is to get the word out to get the consignment, and get people to bring their stuff to us.”

Mr Webb said the consignment office would be used as a place where people would drop off items to go under the hammer.

He said: “We will have lots coming up to view here as well as in auction houses. Not many auction houses have that opportunity – it gives us a nice front and something different for the town.”