Phoenix auction house owner charged with trafficking in stolen property, theft and fraudulent schemes

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Josh Levine has been a familiar face here in the Valley for years when it comes to auctioning off high-value items for people. But Levine now has serious legal problems. On Your Side discovered that the Arizona Attorney General’s office recently announced that Levine had been charged with nearly two dozen counts, including fraudulent schemes.

Several years ago, On Your Side began investigating Levine after several viewers complained that he owed them money for items he had auctioned off for them. Ann and Hugh Field told On Your Side that they gave a Native American bracelet and sculpture to Levine so that his auction house could sell them. According to the Fields, the items sold for $8,000, but say Levine was slow to return the money. “I feel taken, I feel taken especially by the race that I had,” the couple told us.

Following this On Your Side report and after the Attorney General’s office heard from numerous other victims, Mark Brnovich’s office took action and charged Levine with fraudulent schemes, theft, and trafficking in stolen property. Recent court records show Levine showed up for his arraignment. “We have an obligation to prosecute crooks, crooks, crooks, and so we recently charged this individual,” Brnovich told On Your Side. “But because of the ethics of prosecution, I’m limited in what I can say.”

Levine’s attorney told On Your Side in an email, “Thank you for reaching out. Mr. Levine will present his defense in court at the appropriate time. Levine recently completed his bankruptcy petition in front of federal court.He is set to return for another hearing regarding the criminal allegations next month.

When there is an update, On Your Side will let you know.