Pharrell launches auction site Joopiter to sell its collection of luxury goods

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Pharrell has announced the launch of Joopiter, a new auction site created to facilitate the sale of his huge collection of fashion, jewelry and other items he has accumulated over the past 20 years. The first collection of objects, titled “Son of a Pharaoh”, will go on sale on October 11.

The news was first revealed in a profile posted Thursday by the FinancialTimes. Pharrell expressed a desire to create a comprehensive auction site as part of the motivation behind Joopiter. “There really isn’t one size fits all,” he said of the current list of online auction houses. “I’m not going to sell furniture on StockX. You know what I’m saying… I’m not going to sell, you know, diamond rings over 20 carats on [The] Real Real.

Some of the items Pharrell will be auctioning next month include a motorcycle jacket with the words “Women’s Rights” on the front, a gold and diamond encrusted G-Shock watch and some massive pendants. And there’s more to come: Pharrell told the magazine he has “11 different storage units” full of items that can be sold. “Spiritually, it’s a very rich experience, a fulfilling experience, to let…the stories go,” Pharrell said.

Going forward, Joopiter will sell collections owned by others with a “high-touch, white-glowing” operation, according to Pharrell; a philanthropic component is also in preparation.

This year, Pharrell produced half of Pusha T’s album It’s almost dry with the other section helmed by Kanye West. He shared the solo single “Cash In Cash Out” with Tyler, The Creator and 21 Savage, and performed the track at Something In The Water Festival.

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