New World Trading Post – sell your items at an auction house

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New World is not that different from other MMORPGs, offering players the chance to sell their goods, crafts, and inventory to an auction house for profit. In all settlements, you can find stalls called trading posts, which allow you to sell your wares to other players.

The New World Trading Post has a few interactions and features that you will need to know about if you want to dominate the economy.

Where to sell items in the New World

If you’re not interested in salvaging your weapons for base gold and salvaging parts to repair your gear, you can sell them instead. However, New World does not have any vendors that you can sell your gear to for raw gold. Instead, you’ll likely be testing the waters to sell shares to other players at a New World trading post. Simply go to any settlement, find the trading post, and list your wares for sale.

How to make money in the new world

We highly recommend working on your gathering skills, collecting items like Petal Cap, Hemp, Iron Ore, Water Arcana for some of the more popular crafting skills. You can also skin and gather meat from wild animals like boar, as sausage is good food for your early leveling.

As you get into the game, you can focus on selling items that crafters need to craft endgame gear. Crafted gear is very good in the New World, it’s one of the best ways to get late game gear. Find the base materials a crafter needs for those weapons or pieces of armor and earn money that way. Alternatively, become the craftsman and gain the reputation of being a great craftsman on a server.

Don’t forget to use your servers’ global chat and get sales from real players in real time. You can then meet this person if they are nearby and exchange directly with them.

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If you manufacture wholesale, you can also sell items wholesale. You can set how much of your stock you want to sell and at what price. You can then sell the same item for a different amount if you think the stock at the trading posts will drop[toanewvalueYoucanalsodothesameforBuyingOrdersSetyourpriceandifasellermatchesyourbuyingorderyouwillgettheshipment[pouratteindreunenouvellevaleurVouspouvezégalementfairedemêmepourlescommandesd’achatFixezvotreprixetsiunvendeurcorrespondàvotreordred’achatvousrecevrezl’envoi[tomeetanewvalueYoucanalsodothesameforbuyingordersSetyourpriceandifasellermatchesyourbuyorderyouwillgettheshipment

How to collect money at Comptoirs du Nouveau Monde

You have to retrain your brain in this MMO because there are no mailboxes for trading. Both FFXIV and WoW have a trading post system, where you’ll collect your goods or gold from a mailbox or Moogle. New World has no system. Instead, your items and gold will go straight to your inventory. If you don’t have a space, make one, and it should appear.