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TORONTO, Jan. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In response to the enormous challenges facing the charitable sector, MaxSold does not offernotprcomputer organizations and charities zero commission, contactless online auctions to replace the silent auctions they would otherwise have held at galas or in-person fundraising events. MaxSold has already raised over $150,000 for the charitable sector since the start of the pandemic.

“Under normal circumstances, the work done by charities and nonprofits is invaluable to society,” says Emma Lo, Director of Customer Success, MaxSold. “In times of crisis, this work must find a way to continue in order to support local communities.”

By hosting an online auction, charities create a way for their donors and followers to support them even during lockdowns and social distancing measures, and they benefit from increased reach as the auction is in line.

“I think most organizations today struggle with budgets and how to continue to be achievable,” says Alicia Gordon, director of the Rotary Club of Kingston and partner at Gordon’s Downsizing and Estate Sales Ltd. auction, how the money is handled, the support you get for posting items online, and ultimately the immediate digital reach.

During the pandemic, MaxSold has seen the number of online charity auctions and fundraisers double year over year. Organizations that have used MaxSold include Rotary clubs, church groups, food projects, women’s shelters, education, and animal groups. The variety of items in these auctions reflects the creativity of organizations during COVID-19. The auctions included antiques and collectibles, artwork, sports equipment, gift certificates, online courses and experiences that would further support businesses in the local community.

“In the start-up community, we think of partnerships between businesses and other sectors as a way to add social value to the local community,” says Sushee Perumal, CEO of MaxSold. “We have developed a simple online system for hosting online auctions and are delighted that our platform can be used to advance the mandates of charities.”

About MaxSold.

MaxSold, Online Downsizing and Estate Sales, is Canada’s leading online platform for quickly selling home contents. MaxSold was named in the FinancialTimes 2020 Ranking of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Americas and The Globe and Mail’s The best growing companies.

MaxSold handles the technology side of selling used goods, including online marketing, payment collection, bidder support, and receipts for all sellers. Through local teams, MaxSold is able to help individuals photograph and catalog their household contents and coordinate pick-up days to keep everyone safe. When it comes to evacuating the contents of a house, MaxSold is the quick and easy solution, while recovering maximum value for the objects.

The company has grown significantly, now serving thousands of customers each year with a strong existing presence in 35 metropolitan areas across North America. MaxSold has become a national and trusted brand for reselling large volumes, whether through an estate sale, downsizing or decluttering project.

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