Many Indian Muslim women ‘for sale’ in online auctions

Hana Muhsin Khan, an airline pilot, was alerted last week by a friend who directed her to a link to a picture gallery of Muslim women.

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Dozens of Muslim women in India have been found to have been offered for sale in fake online auctions without their approval.

Delhi Police are investigating how the women were offered for sale in the app.

It was recently reported that photos of more than 80 Muslim women had been uploaded to an open software development platform (GitHub) called “Sulli’s Day Deal”.

HanaIndiaHana Muhsin Khan poses for a photo at her home. Twitter picture

Hana Muhsin Khan, a commercial pilot whose name appeared on the list, was alerted by a friend of hers who sent her a tweet, including the photos of the women.

The tweet took her to the website which had taken publicly available photos of young women and created profiles, describing the women as deals of the day.

On the next two pages, Hana saw pictures of her friends. On the next page, she saw herself. Hana said, “The fourth photo was mine.”

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“They really auctioned me off as a slave that day. I got goosebumps. From that day until today, I’m just in a state of anger.”

There was no real auction of any kind. The purpose of the app was simply to degrade and humiliate Muslim women.

GitHub reports that it has now suspended user accounts for violating its policies on harassment, discrimination, and incitement to violence. Screenshot 20210711 at 22:1832

However, Delhi police have filed charges – but against unknown persons as they do not know the identity of the perpetrators.

Hana said in one of her tweets that she was targeted because of her religion. I am a Muslim woman who has seen and heard. And they want to silence us, she says.

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The people who created the app used fake identities, but Hasiba Amin, social media coordinator for the opposition Congress party, blamed several accounts that regularly attack Muslims, especially Muslim women, and claim to support right-wing politics.