London auction house to offer ‘rare’ Harry Potter first edition book for private sale

A first edition by writer JK Rowling Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone is offered for private sale by Christie’s auction house in London. The auction house has invited bids from £200,000 for the book, which has some errors and was signed by the author, Reuters reported.

The 1997 edition book is one of 500 hard copies of the book originally printed. This particular book will be sold by the auction house as part of its upcoming event – “The Art of Literature: Loan and Sale Exhibition”.

A specialist in printed books and co-curator of the exhibition pointed out to Reuters that the word “philosopher” is misspelled on the back cover and that on page 53, “a wand” is repeated twice.

The clip shared by Reuters on Twitter features the book from the 1997 edition and highlights the errors. Some netizens were surprised by its price, but many were excited about the book. “Would love to have that,” one user commented.

“There were a few things they seemed to get wrong in the production of the book,” said Mark Wiltshire, co-curator of the exhibition, as quoted by Reuters.

“On the back cover, for example, philosopher’s, which, of course, is quite a keyword…is misspelled ‘philosphers’…that second ‘o’ is missing. Also on page 53, in the list of things students are asked to take with them to Hogwarts, ‘a wan’ is repeated twice,” Wiltshire explained.

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Another first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has been sold for $471,000 in the United States last December. Heritage Auctions had declared it a world record price for a work of 20th century fiction.

Rowling has written six other books about the adventures of the orphaned wizard which have sold some 500 million copies worldwide in 80 languages, according to US publisher Scholastic. The books were made into eight movies, which grossed $7.8 billion at the global box office.

Caption: Some netizens were surprised by its price, but many were enthusiastic about the book. (Source: Reuters/Twitter)