Local jewelry dealers use online auctions to find bidders around the world

Buyers know that there is a huge variety of jewelry, watches, gemstones and more on HiBid.com, which makes the online auction platform ideal for sellers. The site attracts bidders from all over the world and the jewelry auctions are always the best. A recent look at HiBid’s Jewelry/Watches/Gemstones category revealed over 35,000 current listings.

HiBid’s ease of use invites buyers to find the jewelry they are looking for from a wide selection. Shoppers can search by keyword and/or jewelry category, such as bracelets, brooches and pins, earrings, gemstones, necklaces and pendants, rings, and watches, including luxury designs. Another category lists jewelry sets with matching pieces. An antique/vintage jewelry section features items from yesteryear, many of which are heirloom quality. There’s even a Fashion/Novelty/Costume category for fun pieces and imitation jewelry for every style.

It’s also simple for buyers to locate jewelry auctions near them, so they can have the opportunity to view a piece (or have it inspected by a jeweler) before buying it. Shoppers can search for sales by zip code or state, as well as distance from their location. They can use HiBid’s interactive auction map with just a few taps or clicks. The colored map shows them how many auctions are currently taking place at various locations from coast to coast. HiBid also offers portals such as New England.HiBid.com, California.HiBid.com, Ireland.HiBid.com and Atlanta.HiBid.com which focus on current sales by region, state, country and city.

Consigning items to HiBid through a remarkably simple process. Click or tap the Sell button on the HiBid.com homepage, and simply fill in some basic information about yourself and the jewelry or gemstone you want to sell. An auctioneer will contact you to sell your goods hassle-free at a reasonable price. Each auction has a specific end date and time, which conveys a sense of urgency to buyers and encourages competitive bidding.

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