Kakao Games will merge auction house and instances for Evo and new servers in ArcheAge

Kakao Games continues to reshape ArcheAge with their latest change being a much requested tweak from different player factions: merging Auction House and Instances for Evo and Fresh Servers. To ensure the process runs smoothly, the Auction House will be temporarily closed starting June 7 at 3:00 a.m. EST until the maintenance is complete.

Any pending orders left at the Auction House during maintenance will “take their natural course”, Kakao assures, meaning they will always end on the date they are supposed to end. However, no one will be able to add new additions to the Auction House until the merge is complete. With this change, Kakao hopes to fulfill its mission of bringing “new and old players together”, keeping everyone connected regardless of server.

Following the news of the merger, the announcement that all content from every Fresh Start server will be available as soon as maintenance ends on June 9th. The Auction House and Fresh Start servers have been in turmoil ever since Kakao relaunched the IP, but with this good news from the publisher, it looks like most of the exploitative player elimination and overwriting issues are now behind them. .

Do you think there is still work to be done on the ArcheAge issues? Let’s talk about it below! You can read news about the merger of the Auction Houses on Archeage Development Blog.

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones, news editor
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