German auction house Ketterer Kunst withdraws from Russia

Following the Russian invasion and the ongoing war in Ukraine, Germany’s leading auction house Ketterer Kunst ceased dealing with customers in Russia.

“In the face of dramatic events, we cannot remain inactive on the sidelines. War crimes which call for an urgent response are being committed in our European neighborhood”, says Robert Ketterer, auctioneer and owner of Ketterer Kunst. In a recent action, Ketterer Kunst spontaneously turned its latest online-only auction into a charity auction and raised €45,000 as a donation for children in Ukraine by waiving the entire bounty amount of the buyer. “But that’s definitely not enough,” says Ketterer. “In order to take a stand against the war, we have also decided to completely stop doing business with Russia.”

In addition to the online-only monthly auctions, the next live auctions will take place in Hamburg on May 30 (Rare Books) and Munich on June 10/11 (19th-21st Century Art).

Ketterer Kunst ( and with headquarters in Munich and branches in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin as well as a worldwide network of representatives in the United States and Brazil, was founded in 1954. The auction house focuses on fine art from the 19th to 21st centuries and rare books. In its market segment, Ketterer Kunst is not only number one in Germany, but also the leading house in the European Union. Ketterer Kunst is a specialist in German art, as well as many international artists sought after in the European market and who regularly achieve record prices at Ketterer Kunst. According to the biannual artprice database 2021, Ketterer Kunst is the only best-selling family business represented in the Global Top 15.