Diablo Immortal: How to easily earn platinum with the auction house

Stack platinum.

Here’s a dirty trick for players working to level up in Diablo Immortal — precious stones are worth their weight in gold. Everyone strives to earn perfect 5-Star Legendary Gems, but the humble Regular Gems are worth a gold mine on the market. The Auction Hotel is a tool you might not consider using if you’re an F2P player, but it’s actually incredibly useful as a source of free platinum. Platinum is one of two microtransaction currencies in the game, and it’s the one you can actually earn for free. Good right? Not only can you get platinum through the Battle Pass, but you can also sell it on the Auction House by buying low and selling high. Gems are a hot item, and we’re not even talking about the legendary. Any old humble regular Gem is what you need.

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How To Make Platinum With Regular Gems | Free MTX Currency Guide

REMARK: Only regular crafted gems will work! Gems must be tradable to be sold at the Auction House.

You’re sitting on a goldmine of microtransaction currency, and you don’t even know it. Regular Gems — you know, all the gems that are not legendary – are shockingly valuable due to their late-game rarity. Players are willing to spend a lot of money on these things. You can only insert 6 legendary gems maximum at one time, so everyone needs Regular Gems to fit in with everything else and upgrade. You can only buy 10 gems per day from Guardian Merchant – but the greatest players need more.

At present, Gems are sells out instantly on the auction house. This may not be the case forever, so I recommend selling your extra gems as soon as possible. Around Level 45-50you’ll be swimming in Gems if you’ve unlocked Iben Fahd’s shrine and traveled the depths using your keys.

  • How to make easy platinum:
  • Go to the auction house bottom right of west march. Talk to the NPC to open the AH menu and start trading.
  • Check prices for each Gem type. Sell ​​for the maximum amount of Platinum they have already sold. Even at the highest price on the market, they will still sell for an easy Platinum brew.

You can easily earn 150-200~ Platinum per sale – or more, check your server prices. When you sit on more than 20 or even more than 30 gems, that’s a lot of platinum you can earn in a day. Why spend real money when you can earn it so easily?