Buy to allow buyers to have a new in-person auction house…

Landmark Auctions, a new real estate auctioneer, has launched its services offering residential and commercial properties, developments, investments and land through in-house, online and live auctions across the country.

Based in Hertfordshire, the company is run by Tommy Hughes, who has a career in property spanning over 25 years.

He says: “The pandemic has had a significant impact on the auction market and changed the way many people prefer to buy and sell property, from the comfort of their own homes. The lockdowns meant we only saw live, online auctions, attracting thousands of people and generating hundreds of sales.

“This trend is here to stay, which is why we offer online access to all of our auctions as well as the more traditional in-house approach.

“The auction is a fast and secure way to buy and sell. No one is stuck in a chain; it eliminates the risk of being gassed and the exchange takes place at the fall of the auctioneer’s mallet, providing greater confidence for both seller and buyer. However, for anyone new to the world of auctions, they should do their research beforehand.

“We’re really looking forward to guiding people through the process.”

Landmark Auctions plans to hold five more auctions over the next few months, with the first on July 22.

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