Auction house extends Diego Maradona sale after lack of bids | off the field

BUENOS AIRES: An auction house responsible for selling some 90 items belonging to the late soccer icon Diego Maradona announced on Monday it was extending the deadline for submitting bids after the most expensive pieces went unsold.
Sunday’s virtual auction attracted no high bidders with the highest single bid of $2,150 for a painting of the former World Cup winner by artist Lu Sedova.
But the house of old Buenos Aires Barcelona and the Napoli star gave to his parents, put up for a minimum of $900,000, was one of many items that failed to find a buyer.
Two BMW cars, listed at $390,000 and a beachfront apartment in Mar del Plata ($65,000) also went unbid.
The three-hour auction fetched just $26,000 with more than $1.4 million in unbid assets, according to AFP calculations.
The auction house Adrian Mercado Group decided on Saturday to extend the auction deadline “due to the number of national and international bidders who failed to register before the deadline”.
He said new bidders would still have 10 days to register a bid for the remaining items.
Sunday’s auction attracted bidders from several Latin American countries, Italy, France, Britain, Russia and Dubai.
The second most expensive souvenir sold on Sunday was a photograph of Maradona with late Cuban leader Fidel Castro, bought for $1,600 by a buyer in Dubai.
Other items sold were a Napoli team jacket, training pants and a box of Cuban cigars.
The sale had been ordered by Judge Luciana Tedesco to pay the debts and expenses accumulated by the estate of Maradona, who died of cardiac arrest on November 25, 2020.