A Local West Coast Auction House Holds Free Appraisal Events Every Week

A Local West Coast Auction House Holds Free Appraisal Events Every Week

ALAMEDA, CA, USA, January 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A local West Coast auction house is hosting free appraisal events every week!

Michaan Auctions is a full-service auction house located on the West Coast specializing in the sale of fine art and antiques. Every week, the Hôtel des Ventes also organizes free appraisal events.

Michaan’s Auctions is known for its extensive collection of antiques and fine art. But one of the reasons it stands out from other auction houses in the area is its free appraisal events.

The auction house holds free appraisal events every first and third Wednesday of the month. At these events, the auction house offers informal appraisals of approximately five properties to each visitor. The event is open to all the public.

The event is supported by general appraisers who appraise various items brought in by collectors. Michaan’s Auctions is an expert in the following department:
– Asian art
– Coins
– Stamps
– Short-lived
– Fine Arts
– Furniture & Decorative Arts
– Jewelry & Watches

Michaan’s Auctions also specializes in the Trust And Estates department

Michaan’s Auctions has experience working with trust officers, trust attorneys, trustees and heirs in managing their trust and estates. The auction house can help individuals with the following tasks:
– Date of death assessments
– Global ratings
– Fair distribution
– Official documents required for legal and tax purposes

The department is supervised by experienced and professional staff who help to effectively assess all the key elements of a field. You won’t have to worry about your budget since Michaan’s Auctions has the lowest appraisal fees available. But that doesn’t mean the auction house is compromising on the quality of its work. Michaan’s Auctions experienced team guarantees high quality work at the lowest rates available.

As one of the largest facilities in the region, Michaan’s Auctions has sold world record pieces. These include:
– The Three Grades, 1915, sold for $21,060 in 2005
– Eduard Gaertner, German City Street Scene, 1831, sold for $266,000
– Tang Ying sold for $2,235,000
– Madame Lebasque and her daughters by Henri Labasque sold collectively for $271,400 in 2015
– Wojcieck Fangor’s M1 sold for $169,400

Upcoming auctions at Michaan’s Auctions
Michaan’s Auctions holds auctions every month, attracting sellers and buyers from various locations. The next auctions are scheduled for January 15, February 14, February 19, March 7, March 12, April 11, April 16, May 9, May 14, June 13, June 17 and June 18.
Contact Michaan’s Auctions if you are interested in buying or selling fine paintings, jewelry, furniture, or decorative artwork.
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About Michaan Auctions
Michaan’s Auctions was established in 2002 and is today a leading auction house specializing in the sale and appraisal of fine art and antiques. The auction house has a talented team with experience in furniture and decorative arts, American paintings and prints, jewelry, modern and contemporary Europeans, and coins.

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